XTraining is our unique brand of Functional Fitness Group Classes combining Strength and Cardio components.

Suited to ALL fitness and strength levels. Our XTraining sessions are a blend of various training methods and implements.
Circuit elements are easy to follow and are great for building fitness, shaping and toning under guidance of our highly experienced coaches.
HiiT or High Intensity Interval Training is a fast paced style which provides a great workout that you will never be bored of.

Designed to keep your heart rate up to increase fitness, burn calories and tone up. Most importantly our training sessions are LOTS OF FUN!
Calories Burnt range between 350-600.

All our adults classes run for 45mins and include your Warm-up and Stretching.

BHIVE Boxing
(Adults and Kids)

BHIVE Boxing is designed for beginners to advanced fitness levels.
Come learn boxing in a fun and supportive environment. No prior boxing experience needed just come along and we can teach you all you need to know.

Bring your own gloves and a training mat.
Lots of support to improve your technique and keep you working hard.
Boxing will help you get fit and keep in shape by burning approximately 400+ calories per session.
You don’t have to be a boxer to join in. Our main aim is to teach the fundamentals of good boxing technique while getting your heart rate UP!

Combination of Bag Work, Shadow Boxing and Conditioning.

Please bring your own Boxing Gloves.


Being parents ourselves we understand that our kids are spending more and more time on their iPads and computer games. Our KidsFit class is uniquely designed to help kids develop fitness and get moving through a variety of games and fitness challenges in a supportive environment.

They will develop fundamental movement patterns and confidence in a gym setting that will set them up for many future endeavours.

Classes run all year round even in school holidays.

Tuesday 4-4:45pm
Kids Boxing: Mondays 4:45-5:15pm
Fridays 4-4:45pm
20 Spots available only

New Classes In 2024


Are you ready to Stretch!?!

In 2024 we are super excited to offer at Lara Health and Fitness Centre a BRAND New class addition to our extensive weekly Schedule in BHIVE.


Included in Classes, Gold and Gold+ Memberships. Casual Visit Packs available for purchase (Yoga/Pilates) only. Contact us to register.


Are looking for a running based class to build confidence, fitness and improve your technique?

Our weekly RunFit class is the perfect group environment to learn how to improve your running technique under the guidance of our highly experienced and professional Coaches.

This is an outdoor based class, meeting at various outdoor locations. Once registered and booked you will be advised on weekly locations.

Class Timetable


Check out our DanceFit Class in action