Our Team Of Professional Coaches

Joanne Greagen

Elite Strength Coach
MetaFit/Bootcamp Instructor
Be Free Treatments – Massage Therapist

– National Powerlifting Champion
– World and National Record Holder
– Arnold Classic Competitor and Winner
– Competitive and coaching experience at an elite level
– Highly experienced Bootcamp Instructor
– Highly experienced Online Coach

Specializing in Online Programming and Coaching, Bootcamps, Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting, Strongman/woman, Comp Prep, Emergency Services Fitness testing, Massage Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention and Online Coaching

David Tran-Cong

Elite Strength Coach
MetaFit/Bootcamp Instructor
Personal Trainer

– Competitive Experience in: Powerlifting, Weightlifting and Strongman
– National Record Holder
– Previous University Lecturer
– Equipped Competitive Powerlifter of over 11 years
– Athletic Preparation and youth development

Specializing in Group Fitness, MetaFit, Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Strowgman/woman, Comp Prep, Emergency Services Fitness testing, Kids Classes and Injury Rehabilitation/Prevention, Mentoring of future industry professionals and leaders in the field of exercise, fitness and Personal Training

Milena Francois

BHIVE Dance Fit and BURN Group Instructor

– Specializing in Aerobics and Dance

An awesome addition as a specialist coach to our team of highly professional and experienced coaches, Milena brings her high energy styles to all her classes. This class is a heap of fun!

Mark Stiegler

BHIVE Group Class Instructor / Personal Training

– Specializing in Group Fitness

Mark brings an extensive background in Group Fitness / Strength instructing / Weightlifting and his passion to help ‘everyone be better than they were yesterday’.

Claire Jennings

BHIVE Group Class Instructor MetaFit and Martial Arts Specialist

– Specializing in MetaFit and Boxing

Claire is a highly experienced group fitness instructor with a personal background in Martial Arts having competed at a high level. She has a high energy style and lots of fun.

Kellie Spark

BHIVE Class Instructor Yoga Specialist

– Specializing in Yoga, Pilates and Meditation

Kelly is highly trained in many forms of Yoga and passionate about her craft. Holding a Diploma of Yoga (350+hrs) having completed studies with Swami Prema Ananda.

Learn more about Coach David Tran-Cong from his interview recently on the Pie Strong Podcast with Will and Brad