Strength Training and Small Group Personal Training

Cost effective small group personal training

If your not a fan of big group classes or looking more for a private small group setting with a few training partners and your very own coach we offer many options and times to get you the results you want.

From trying your hand at various forms of strength training and strength sports to just getting the coaching you need to reach your goals our highly experienced and results driven coaches are here to help.

We can introduce you to Powerlfiting, Weightlifting, Strongman/woman or even body building style training techniques in a very cost effective shared personal training setting.

This is not just an option for competitive strength athletes but is a great way to train with like minded individuals who will push you to new heights.

Get started TODAY

We have current small group personal training sessions that you can register into now or why not grab a friend or two and come in and get started with our highly qualified coaches.

We can give you the tools and motivation you need to start weight training and achieving results while having lots of fun along the way! Click below to register for a group personal training session.