Team BSFG Elite – Powerlifting

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Are you looking for a Powerlifting Club?

Whether your training to improve your total or want to get started in Powerlifting and compete at sanctioned comps we can help you reach your competitive goals.

Services include beginner to advanced level programming, (online coaching and by correspondence available), comp peaking and on the day coaching services. We will see you across the line from hands on coaching all the way to comp day.

We also assist our lifters with making weight for competition day, performance and recovery support, injury rehab as well as mental preparation.

Competitive Lifters

Renee Theyers
Mark Whelan
Luke Bragonje
Jaymii Morris
Jacqui Edwards
Luke Eaton
Christine Culshaw
Blair Buttigieg (Junior)
Max Crawford (Junior)
Lachie Eaton (Junior)

Head Coaches:
Joanne Greagen and David Tran-Cong

Follow the link to get in touch with us and we can get you well on your way to your next PB or your first competition.

Next Meet

The next Powerlifting meet on the competitive calendar for our team will be GPC Summer Classic Feb 11th 2024

Come on down and let us help you get ready for your next comp.
If you want to get started in strength sports including:
Girevoy Sport

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches who practice what they preach will get you well on your way to your next PB or your first competition. We support athletes across many federations also.