Be Strong Fitness Geelong

If your goal is to gain muscle and increase strength we have a fully equipped strength and weights area ready to go for you! From top of the line Powerlifting and Strongman equipment made for competition specs to general weights we have what you need to get STRONG and BUILD MUSCLE. This is what was traditionally our 24/7 Access Strength and Conditioning facility – Be Strong Fitness Geelong.

Receive coaching and guidance from our highly experienced and qualified coaches who are here to help you cut out the BS and maximise your results. We will keep you safe with a high emphasis on technique mastery and appropriate progressions.

Don’t know what reps to hit in your weights program? How much to lift? Exercises that will get you the results you seek? We are ready to tailor a training program to your goal set!

If your looking for that extra bit of motivation or inspiration join our Powerlifting Teams, Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport, Strongman/woman or general strength groups to take your training to the next level. Contact us through the form submission below to find out more about our ‘Lifting’ Teams and even our 4 Week Intro, Level 1 and Level 2 Strength programs.

Have a Teenager looking to get into Strength Training and looking for guidance?

Get in touch with us we CAN help and have a Teen Strength Program specific to 12-18yo looking to get into lifting weights, supervised gym access, training program and Coached group session all in 1 cost effective package. Spots are limited.

Online training and coaching available also.

Contact us for a FREE no obligation training consultation with one of our coaches… we are ready to help!