Class Timetable And Styles



Class Styles


Functional Movement Based training – incorporating a teaching of NEW exercises or practicing and recapping on old ones.

Strength and Cardio combined.

Barbell movements taught and trained include: Squats, Deadlift (variations), Benchpress, Incline Press, Cleans, Clean and Press, Overhead/Shoulder Press. All are done at a level appropriate to the experience of the participant, we will never ask you to do anything we deem dangerous and without instructing technique first. All exercises can be changed, altered and scaled to suit anyone in class.

No prior experience needed.


Traditional Circuit Training Template of stations set to a set period of time done in succession.

This class incorporates basic strength and HiiT components for a total body workout.

Bodyweight and Weighted exercises performed.

Kids Circuit also Available

Low Impact Circuit

Like traditional Circuit Training Template with set time intervals and a total body workout with basic low impact exercises. NO PLYOMETRICS to be done in this session and NO BARBELLS IN RACKS.

We will recommend those with joint injuries and conditions, mature age clients and pre/post natal to these classes as a regular weekly option.

Perfect for those with joint injuries or needing to alter training styles to suit pre-existing concerns.


SportFit is high intensity class incorporating movements and technique drills perfect for athletes across various sports. We aim to teach fundamental functional movement patterns in this class that improve balance, inter muscular coordination, joint stability, explosiveness and plyometrics. You don’t have to be an athlete to join this class, we can adjust and scale the workout to suit.

BHIVE Boxing

Boxing based fitness classes incorporating basic boxing principles and combos to improve health and fitness.

Your own gloves are preferred with inner gloves or wraps to be worn.

Kids Boxing also available.


True Hiit Training with bodyweight exercises only.

30min classes perfect for time efficient workouts.


Dance Based fitness class taught by a specialist Coach. Bodyweight only, lots of fun.


High energy light resistance exercises done to choreographed music tracks.


Yoga classes taught by a specialist Coach. Get your stretch on and de-stress.


Group outdoor running class with highly experienced Coach who will help you improve your running ability.