Team BSFG Elite – Athletes

Competition Programming

We offer individualised programming to suit your lifestyle and needs.
We will guide you every step of the way in preparation for your next competitive event.
We can help you with peaking, tapering, recovery and nutrition/weight cuts.

Elite Coaching

Receive hands on coaching or online video analysis from our ‘Remote Programming and Coaching’ Package from highly experienced elite coaches who will help you be your best!
We get to know your goals and needs to produce the best individualised program for you through our questionnaire and communications with you through Zoom/email. We then compose your program. No ‘Cookie Cutter’ programs.

Comp Day Coaching

Want a coach at your side on comp day who will take away all the stress and have you in a position where you can focus on being your best? We have the knowledge and experience to help at any level from pro to beginner.
Knee wrapping, attempt selection, technical assistance and technique analysis we can help you with everything you need of an experienced, professional coach on competition day.

Strength Sports

Our elite coaches have over 12 years experience in strength sports and have competed themselves at an elite level.
If you are a:
Girevoy/Kettlebell Sport
Arm Wrestler
Body Builder
Mass Wrestler
We have the tools and experience to help you improve and compete at a high level.

Strength and Conditioning

No matter what sport you participate in our elite coaches can help you! Our current athletes range from:
Long Distance Track and Field
Swimming and many more

Injury Management

Want to keep performing at your best or need to get back to your best our elite coaches can help you rehab or manage any injuries that may be limiting you. We network with a great team of allied health professionals from Physios to Massage therapist so we can help you optimise your performance.

From our individualised programming to hands on coaching we can help you work through a number of injuries and have you back participating in the sport you love or prevent the risk of re-injury.